Indigenous Relations

Employment and Education

We are committed to increasing the representation of qualified Indigenous employees at all levels in our workforce.

We can provide you with the necessary information needed to learn about our workplace, what our requirements are and how to apply. For more information, please contact

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Indigenous Summer Student Program

Our Summer Student Program designates a summer student position for an Indigenous student. The program is five (5) weeks long (July-August) and applicants must be in high-school.

Indigenous Summer Student Program

Indigenous Summer Student Application

Northern Lights College AME Program

Northern Lights College offers its Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program in the Aerospace Centre of Excellence, located on the Dawson Creek Campus. The program offers either a Basic Training (15 month program) or Type Training (Field Maintenance Courses for Specific Helicopter Airframes and Engines). Learn more about the Northern Lights College AME Program.

Skilled Trades/Apprenticeships

Bailey Helicopters hires trades/apprenticeships:

Learn more about our apprenticeships and trades positions, when we will be hiring and what requirements are needed.