Company Links

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Company Resource Planning System (RPS)

Company Database, Crew Schedule, Pilot Duty, Flight Bookings, SMS Reports, LMS Training, Memos

Learning Management System (LMS)

Ceridian Dayforce Login

Payroll, Time-Off/Vacation Requests

Download the Dayforce Mobile App for iOS and Android

Office 365 Account

Email Account

Safety Sync 

Safety Training Courses

Solo Training 

TDG Air for Pilots

Pilots only complete the course labelled:

Dangerous Goods Training for Operators of Rotorcraft Working Under CARS 702 and 703; Available Tests: 4 ; Time in Course: Not Started.

MSDS Online 

Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s), also located on the Company Resource Planning System (RPS)

Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Counselling, Coaching, Support, Life Balance, Health, Career

Available 24/7


Sun Life Financial 

Benefits program

Download the mySunLife Mobile App for iOS and Android at the Apps Store

or Google Play

Latitude Technologies – WebSentinel 

Flight Tracking of Company Aircraft

Download the Sentinel App for iOS

NAV Canada Aviation Weather Web Site

Weather updates

Web Air Canada Login 


Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser Download

If you are using your own computer or laptop a few things to note, all of our online sites require Mozilla Fire Fox to be the browser to use. You can download this browser for free if you do not use this browser you may not be able to view all of the documents on our Company Resource Planning System (RPS).

EZOffice Inventory Account

Online software account used to sign in and out Operational Gear within the company.

GeoTrac Asset Control Centre

Only specific managers will have access to this account, used to track company vehicles and speeding.