Helicopter Equipment

The gear that gets the job done.


Our helicopter fleet has Spider X trackers installed which enables our dispatch to flight follow all aircraft in our fleet in virtual real time.

Aerodyne Systems

Engine monitoring system in all Airbus AS350 aircraft. The Aerodyne monitors the engine data (starts, temperature, torque, NG and power turbine cycles, and any pre-set exceedances) which are recorded for review when data is uploaded.

Flight Data Monitoring

Bailey was the lead customer for Latitude Technologies with the installation of Flight Data Monitoring Equipment into our Bell 212, Astar and Bell 206 aircraft with the approval of Transport Canada issued STC since May 2013.

The installation of Flight Data Monitoring is evolving throughout the aircraft fleet. Bailey is a strong proponent of FDM because it enables the company to visualize and replay the flight parameters and recording the exceedances to monitor and adherance to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).


Cement Bucket


Satellite Phone

Boreal Laser

Cargo Hook

Wire Strike Kit

Carousel Relay

Infrared Scanning

Medevac Stretcher

Tracking Antennas

Bambi Bucket